Ringing Bells to Play Outside Instead of to Go Potty

Question from Puppy Owner:
I have taught Rosie (3 months old) to ring the bell to go outside, but she plays tug of war with it. I know this is aggressive behavior and yet can’t seem to get her to stop. She rings it to go outside and play. Is that normal?

Answer from Donna Chandler:
This is good that she is ringing the bells. However, they can ring the bells to play tug-of-war and just to go out and play. The tug-of-war is normal and there are toys for your yard know where dogs can play this and have a good time.

The danger zone is when the dog plays with a human. Rosie can even play tug with another dog just not a human. Ringing the bells to go out and play is very normal. This is when you don’t want to go out with her or she does not have a safe area to play then go on a walk and get her some exercise.

You can then put her back in her kennel and let her take a nap. Always remember that puppies have to sleep to grow and crate time when you are home should be 2-3 times daily.