Puppy Picks Up Things in Mouth When Outside

Question from Puppy Owner:
Rosie (3 months old) picks everything up in her mouth outside and I worry that she will ingest something that will make her sick. I say leave it and pull her leash, but doesn’t seem to get the behavior I am looking for. What can I do differently to stop this behavior?

Answer from Donna Chandler:
When you are outside you have to guard her. This normal human and puppy behavior with putting everything in their mouths.

If you are using a Gentle Leader Head Collar or a Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness, then you should have these products on whenever you go for a walk and inside when she is driving you crazy or being rambunctious.

Again, this is typical puppy behavior and will begin to improve as you should be starting all of her commands by now. You have to practice commands daily to use the command at appropriate times.