Puppy Continues Biting

Question from Puppy Owner:
Rosie (3 months old) continues her biting behavior even though we say ouch and kennel her immediately. Any suggestions?

Answer from Donna Chandler:
Rosie’s non-bite inhibition is normal for her age. I don’t know Rosie’s breed as that would help me help you.

If she has a snout then a Gentle Leader Head Collar would help GREATLY with this. You can review on the video how to put it on and whey we use them.

If not, then when she is biting SCREAM “OUCH” and go put her in the kennel for a least 30 minutes. Get her out and play with her if she bites again then repeat the process.

Go back and review the Bite Inhibition chapter of the video training class. The Gentle Leader Head Collar will speed up the process of NO biting.