Command for Dog To Stay on Correct Side When Walking

Question from Puppy Owner:
We have taught our 3-month-old puppy Rosie almost all the commands you recommended. Are there commands to get her to stay on one side of me and by my side when she walks?

Answer from Donna Chandler:
Yes, it is time to introduce her to the Gentle Leader brand of products. The manufacturer has a new product out called a 3 in 1 Harness, which I really like.

The leash will attach at the chest, and when you go to a park and have a really long lead on Rosie you can unhook it from the chest and put it on her back and she can run freely. It also comes with a very short leash that you can attach to the seat belt when you are driving with her.

Dogs should always be walked on the left side. Walk fast, then slow, turn around and go the other way (tell her to “Come” when you do this), stop make her sit and do all of your commands.

She will begin to get better and better as she gets older and matures mentally.